Getopt module for Lua.

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lgetopt is a fork of bcnjr5/lua-getopt with slight changes to the code. It’s a command-line argument parser for Lua 5.3.



You can require the module which will return a function. The function takes the first argument as the list of arguments and the second as the option definitions.

local getopt = require "getopt"
getopt (arg, {})


You can find the documentation for the function here


v1.2.2 - 3 Jun 2018

Improved the help flag

v1.2.1 - 3 Jun 2018

Improved some error messages

v1.2 - 3 Jun 2018

Added the table type to options! Now you can collect a list of arguments like this:

local getopt = require "lgetopt"
local opts   = {
  options = {
    ["+i"] = {
      help = "Collect inputs",
      type = "table"

local argl = getopt (arg, opts)
for k,v in pairs (argl.opt["+i"]) do print (k,v) end

Then call this script like lua example.lua +i file1 +i file2 +i file3 to get this result:

1    file1
2    file2
3    file3


As the original code was unlicensed, I don’t really see a reason to license it, since most of the changes are minimal.

lgetopt is a command-line argument parser for Lua 5.3 Made by bcnjr5